by Lasting Impression

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Second full length album from Lasting Impression


released December 13, 2011

Recorded at Silence is Nothing Studio-2011

All songs written and performed by Lasting Impression



all rights reserved


Lasting Impression La Crosse, Wisconsin

Lasting Impression is a high energy hardcore punk band based out of La Crosse, WI. Their root inspirations stem from the hardcore punk scene of the 80's and 90's while infusing their various influences to create a new feel to the traditional hardcore sound. Their live show is energetic, invasive, and interactive with the crowd. ... more

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Track Name: Lump charcoal
Could you tell me what I’m feeling,
cause I’m feeling pretty crazy.
Could you tell me what I’m feeling,
cause I think I’m gonna crack. Wasted.
A life you told me was worth living,
as each day passes your words grow
weaker. Lies.
That’s all your teeth let seep through,
and all I have to say is thank you.
I’m betting my arm and leg,
you don’t have a clue.
And still even after everything,
I would give my own life to start anew.
Bring this world back to the way it was.
This is what I live for.
This is all I live for.
Track Name: Amygdala
Empathy is a certain quality that I lack
and I don’t even care.
It’s like your lack of sense is making it
so I can’t even fucking think.
Yet your words still pierce
right through to the very core.
Guess what,
I still don’t give a fuck. Fuck.
I could knock out your fucking teeth
and make you swallow
your tongue until your eyes
roll back into your head.
And I’ll laugh and laugh and laugh,
until my fucking jaw bleeds.
Wait a second,
no that wouldn’t be right.
It wouldn’t be acceptable in society.
Who fucking cares?
If you want to be in with society
then I could never accept you.
I’m just letting it all out for you.
Why don’t you try and change
my fucking mind?
Track Name: Have a few drinks (and drive home)
I’ll never fucking trust you again.
I won’t believe a word that pours out
your severed lips and boiling tongue.
My heart is shattered that someone
could so blatantly,
and which such disdain,
suck out the souls of the ones they love.
How could you ever live with this?
How could you ever live yourself?
You’re wrong and right on target
at being the single worst human
to ever plague this planet
with your wretched smile,
black and cold.
From being right in the middle
of your spoiled heart
and rotting eyes, rotting eyes.
You touch their hands
just to feel something good.
To feel what it’s like to have a pulse.
You’re numb and use it
as a way to get what you want.
You want us all to suffer, like you.
It’s fucking disgusting
at how much you can destroy.
You’re living proof,
that sometimes, death is best,
but you’re still here,
tearing lives apart.
Track Name: My grace is sufficient
But he said to me,
“I don’t like who I am,
I don’t like who I’ve become.
I can’t wash away all these stains,
I wash it all down.”
Rely on me so that I can rely on you.
My power is made perfect in weakness.
(I will conquer this)
My power is made perfect in weakness.
(I will conquer you)
So much strength I have lost,
So much strength I have gained.
Have I learned fear in weakness?
Have I weaked in my fear?
I’ve battled this alone,
I’ve battled you before.
This when I wake up,
this time I’ve woken up.
My fear will finally subside.
I will conquer this,
I will conquer you.
Track Name: Breakdowns suck
It came without warning,
out of nothing but space and time.
What I saw looked like some shit you’d
see in Signs.
Now I woke on the ground,
can’t see a thing in the night.
Nothings clear,
just fucking pitch black sight.
Can you believe what has happened?
Not even I understand.
To me all I see are the
tentacle feet in the sand.
Cunt, fuck, god damnit Jesus Christ.
What a fucking messed up night.
Track Name: Where the sidewalk ends
We will not fall.
Into damnation,
an unwinnable war.
Wasting a day is getting easier,
and it all shows.
That time is disappearing,
with no signs of return.
Trapped underneath,
a wrecked frame.
If I’m the foundation,
where’s the bricks and mortar?
If you’re the engine,
why haven’t we moved?
If days still end,
why do we start again?
And how come we never finish,
what we set out to start?
We will not fall.
Into a place where we all devolve
and all we know is to expend.
The tides have stopped their flow.
We’ll break this ice and advance again.
And if your the creator,
where is your proof?
All you do is mislead,
and the sheep still follow.
We will not fall.
Track Name: You need a root canal
The famine you’ve called upon us,
the plague will soon return.
It seems there’s a split,
a division of youth.
And all you’ve done is mold them,
create a reality that will
lead them nowhere.
It’s no longer about
succession of our race.
It’s expansion,
a want for more.
Everything you depend on
will be the end.
I ask, I ask you,
How far do your rotting teeth sink in?
After the break away and shatter,
do they even break skin?
Or do you smile,
a filthy smile,
with every attempt.
Or do you smile,
a filthy fucking smile,
with every attempt.
It's no longer about
succession of our race.
It’s expansion,
a want for more.
Everything you depend on
will be the end.
Track Name: The wandering soul
The wandering soul
does not fear eager eyes,
only the path that lies ahead.
His days are numbered,
his legs weak.
Yet his heart,
still carries him forward.
His fear of death
ceases to exist,
and the weary
look down upon him.
Why do such disasters
await the strong,
the ones who are ready to fly?
His legs feel light
as he looks to the sky
and he joins the light up high.
The wandering soul
has the strength of many,
the will power of a god.
Differences mean nothing in this one,
and he hopes that others will see.
If we learn to look past
our grudges and greed,
we all can overcome.
He will not give up.
No he will not give up.
Until he’s stopped the peoples’ greed.
You should know
that this story is based on truth,
because the wandering soul is me.
Track Name: Who do you think you are? (Keanu Reeves or some shit?)
Warnings only go so far.
You can’t ever stop them.
Their own free will and greed
will destroy them.
I take back all I’ve said.
After my single moment of realization.
You’re on your fucking own now.
You’re all apart of something.
Something pitiful.
Beauty has fucking died.
What did you expect.
That’s what was bound to happen.
After all you just let go.
The future was a pipe dream.
Now all I see is a nightmare.
Patience is what I told myself to keep
from flipping the fuck out
and now I’m here to say,
I’ve given up on you.
You’ll all burn alive.
This entire place is fucked.
Literally, on a global scale.
And still we do nothing.
In fact, we make it worse.
You don’t want to listen to me.
You’re too busy worrying about yourself.
So I’m just letting you know.
Fuck you.
So I’m just letting you know.
Fuck you.
Track Name: Song for a better day
Care to elaborate on how
we came to this?
Since the beginning
our instincts brings us to war.
When we should be
worrying about survival.
We are killing our own species,
our brothers.
Our production of the robots we create,
is starting to pull us under.
People are too selfish and self centered,
to take time to do any good.
The bloodlust we crave
will never be satisfied.
You will all keep going,
you’re nothing but barbarians.
Our intelligence is decreasing,
you brainwashed souls.
Everything we’ve achieved
will not mean a thing,
your desire for wealth will ruin you.
You’re lucky there’s people
like me who really care.
Take a look at the world outside.
So do I have your attention,
are you listening yet?
Probably not,
you think this is a joke.
We’ll pull your head out
where you usually think,
and use that thing you call a brain.
The bloodlust we crave
will never be satisfied,
you will all keep going,
you’re nothing but barbarians.
Our intelligence is decreasing,
you brainwashed souls.
Sorry folks,
you’re not the center
of the solar system.
So look up from the disaster
to a common goal.
Track Name: Arrogance is nothing more than a death wish
Oh yeah you’re good, you’re bad.
You know it, so fucking flaunt it.
Let’s break open that closed mind.
A hero in your mind,
the arch rival of everyone below you,
which is everyone right?
Who draws the line
(who draws the line)
between confidence (confidence)
and a useless piece
(and a useless piece) of shit?
Oh yeah you’re hip, you’re hot.
Make sure everyone fucking knows it.
Let’s break open that closed mind.
A prick in my mind,
you’re my rival for thinking,
you’re better than me.
Oh wait that’s true right?
Who draws the line
(who draws the line) between confidence
and a useless piece
(and a useless piece) of shit